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The Muse

Expected to marry within the family, the lovely Woodrow sisters don't circulate among the ton. Getting their portrait painted in an artist's studio is a treat, especially when the artist is the handsome and notorious Stephen Mills. While Lady Samantha smiles and Lady Georgiana flirts, it's the introspective Lady Frederica Woodrow who is rapidly losing her heart.

With his career clouded by scandal, Stephen knows he must execute the Woodrow painting with the utmost propriety. But one of these lovely sisters is a "muse," exciting his passions and elevating his artistic talent in consequence.

When Stephen is wrongly accused of murder, and Frederica helps him escape arrest, Stephen not only learns his muse's identity, but that her allure is far more dangerous to him than the threat of the hangman's noose!

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The Lure of Pleasure, the second book in the Pleasure series.:

Sarah Christopher is desperate to expose Sylvie Girard’s true nature. Rescued by Sarah’s family on the road to London, the alluring Frenchwoman is an expert at using her feminine wiles to get what she wants, and has set her sights on ensnaring the affections of Sarah’s brother Frederick.
Only Arthur Ponsby seems immune to Sylvie’s charm. That’s because Arthur has long been in love with Sarah. He’s determined to protect her, even after Sylvie betrays his feelings to the shocked young woman.
As their efforts to thwart Sylvie prove dangerous, Sarah’s eyes are opened to the immense power of desire and the worth of her unlikely hero.

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A Game of Pleasure, the first book in the Pleasure series :

Lord Castleton hardly expects to find love on the fringes of Polite Society. But when an injury sidelines him to the corner of ton functions, the dashing baron discovers his ideal woman in the person of Miss Portia Kirby. While his friendship flatters the intriguing spinster, Portia is not only oblivious to his true feelings but makes it clear she won’t countenance any interaction between them which will occasion “talk.” Castleton is forced to embark on a subtle campaign to win her heart. Love’s at stake… let the game begin.

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My short story Vane Imaginings is available from Ellora's Cave as both an electronic download and in the print anthology Christmas Kisses.

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